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Tiffany-Ashton Gatsby (they/she) is a queer-disabled, genderfluid person of Ashkenazi descent living with Multiple Sclerosis. They are an emerging artist and incoming doctoral student at the University of Washington studying Medical Anthropology. As an artist, advocate, activist, and trauma survivor, Tiffany-Ashton focuses on representing issues faced by the queer-disabled community. They hope to someday establish a network of collectives for queer-disabled individuals to gather and create community-based artworks for public installation made to bring visibility to their community. 

They are active in the disabled and LGBTQ communities, volunteering for several organizations including the National MS Society, Seattle Dyke March, and Crip Riot. They also participated in the First Descents adventure healing pilot program for young adults with MS. 

Tiffany-Ashton received a Bachelor of Arts in Medical Anthropology & Interdisciplinary Visual Art from the University of Washington, graduating summa cum laude in 2022, and was the recipient of the President's Medal for the most distinguished academic record in their class. They are a Pride Foundation Scholar, Gilman Scholar, GSBA Scholar, University of Washington Husky 100, and Homecoming Scholar. They are a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the Mortar Board Honors Society, and Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity. 

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  • Medical Anthropology

  • Socially Engaged Art

  • Queer Theory

  • Crip Theory

  • Feminist Disability Studies

  • Visual Anthropology

  • Installation Art

  • Documentary Film

  • Ethnography

  • Autoethnography

  • Activism

  • Care Networks

  • Healing Arts

  • Gender & Sexuality

  • Creative Non-Fiction

  • Memoir

  • Queer-Disabled Community

  • Adventure Healing

  • Disability-Friendly Outdoorsy Activities

  • Foodie & Oenophile

  • Knit, Chrochet & Crafts

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