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A Peek Behind the Curtain

Jacob Lawrence Gallery May 2022

One video monitor, projected video and sound, hospital curtains, chairs, stools, medical imaging, retinal scans, masks, sanitizer, IV bags, nasal cannulas, hospital bed, and sign-in sheet.  

A Peek Behind the Curtain is an ongoing auto-ethnographic documentary work that follows my life as a professional patient and my experiences as a queer-disabled person living in a medicalized body. A significant portion of my life is spent in waiting rooms, walking through medical facilities, and navigating multiple procedures and medication regimens, treatments, and trials. I am an artist, an activist, and an anthropologist in training, but my job as a professional patient takes the most of my time, energy, and dedication. I welcome you to sit alongside me through this chapter of my journey. 

Peek Behind the Curtain
Peek Snapshot
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